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Why is the ground protective film used for decoration? What does it do?

2018-11-22 10:44:24 697

On the construction site, we all know that the whole process of house decoration, building decoration is very long, not one or two days can be completed, which involves a lot of links. In the process of decoration construction, decoration workers will continue to come in and out, and will also carry some cement slurry and other soil, or even paint or by hard objects scratches, if you do not take ground protection measures, so the ground will cause a great impact.


When decorating construction, use to decorate floor protection film is very necessary. Floor protective film can rise quickly in recent years, its protective effect cannot be ignored. It is made of environment-friendly PVC and industrial knitting cotton, which has dual functions. PVC has the function of anti-skidding, waterproof, anti-paint and even fire retardant. Combined with knitted cotton, it can prevent moisture and absorb sand and dust, and play a buffering and damping role on things falling from high places. Protective film of adornment floor is used, can prevent floor tile effectively, marble, wooden floor is damaged blow flower.

PVC also belongs to environmental protection material, tasteless and non-stimulating, and can be recycled 2-4 times. PVC can also print advertising, above the printing of corporate image logo name, but also play a role in publicity. After decorating to decorating, protective film of adornment floor still has the clear job at the back at the advantage of, what do not want above can coil directly go, convenient save time.


Decorate the detail that bridal chamber should notice to still have a lot of, not only be confined to ceramic tile protective film, for instance door window, metope, furniture, water and electricity need to protect. Can decorate our new home more beautiful and comfortable, let owner be at ease more.